Cedar Garden Gate – Vertical slatted design – Rounded top

Our beautifully crafted Cequence Western Red Cedar Slatted Gate with a rounded top is constructed from Premium grade Western Red Cedar.

This gate is avaialble with two styles of infill panel – Vertical privacy slim boards and vertical T & G boards.

Ideal as a garden gate for both front and rear gardens. This Cedar gate is available in a range of standard sizes and can also be built to bespoke sizes if required. If you are looking for a gate to secure your garden and add a touch of class look no further. The classic design of this Cedar gate looks great in both contemporary and traditional style gardens.

These Cedar garden gates have an incredibly strong frame that is fixed with wooden dowels.  It comes with a 20 year guarantee! The joinery within this gate is second to none. Vertical Cedar privacy slim boards are on the front of this gate and the sturdy frame is on the rear of the gate.

Vertical Privacy Slim

Privacy slim battens are a narrow Cedar shiplap board that gives a contemporary vertical slatted look. The narrow battens have lovely colour variation that gives the gate its unique appearance.
This popular style of gate really will make the entrance to your garden space look stylish.

Vertical T & G

Vertical T & G Cedar boards are a wider board then the privacy slim and lock together giving a extra solid and secure gate. This classic style of gate is perfect for both traditional and contemporary garden spaces. The solid Cedar frame and bords that lock together means that this gate is extremely secure when used with one of our keycode locks or long throw gate latches.


  • Premium Grade Western Red Cedar
  • Slatted vertical construction design with a rounded top
  • 90CM wide or can be made bespoke size
  • Suitable for all our handles / latches available to order in our store
  • Ideal for both contemporary and traditional gardens
  • 20 year guarantee
  • Joinery grade gate – all timber is planed
  • Available in two styles – Privacy slim and T & G

Bespoke gate sizes available on Request!

About Western Red Cedar 

Western Red Cedar Gate originates from Canada. It is grown in an extremely eco friendly way with constant replanting of areas that are cut. The Canadians have been managing their woodlands in this way for many years.

The natural colour variation of Western Red Cedar is simply beautiful. Its colours vary form light honey tones through soft reds to dark brown. Within this range of colours there are also two and three tone swirling patterns of natural grain.

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