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Cedar Battens with eased corners – Pack of 10 – 38mm x 18mm

£58.00 + vat£66.00 + vat

Stunning Cedar Battens with gently rounded corners and a smooth planed finish. Our Canadian Cedar battens have a lovely natural variation in colour, the battens are machined and graded in house at our workshop ensuring premium quality. Ideal for Slatted fencing or cladding garden buildings these Cedar battens are great value so grab a bargain while stocks last!

We constantly check prices of Cedar battens and make sure we are the best value we can be.

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Cedar Fencing battens with eased corners

Introducing our gorgeous Red Cedar fencing battens with eased corners! These beautiful planed Cedar battens are perfect for fencing and cladding. The gently rounded edges ensure that the battens are smooth to the touch without any rough edges. With a range of beautiful colours from deep browns to warm reds, our cedar battens are sure to add natural beauty and style to your home or garden.

Our Red Cedar battens with eased corners are the perfect choice! Made from Canadian cedar, these battens are smooth to the touch, with gently rounded corners for a modern look. Available in a range of lengths, these battens are perfect for any project.

Western Cedar fencing batten with eased corners are Clear grade 2 with minimal knots.

Key Facts

  • Canadian Red Cedar
  • Highest quality Available
  • Range of lengths
  • Eased corners on all battens
  • Wonderful range of natural colours
  • 38mm x 18mm batten size

Tips for using Cedar Battens

When using Cedar battens for slatted fencing and cladding its always a good idea to trim both ends of your battens. This ensures that the battens will fit together flush and tight for a seamless look. When battens are machined the ends are not always perfectly square so trimming them is the best way to ensure they are perfect for your project. You should also use stainless steel screws, nails or pins with Cedar to give a long lasting fixing. Not stainless fixings will result in black marks and staining of the timber.

Western Red Cedar Properties

Graded to BS1186-3 Part 4 Class 1 Quality Controlled Production Methods – Exceeds NLGA grading rules Clean and consistent quality – Knots rarely present Green Cedar  21- 30%  – Not Kiln Dried Clear Grade 2 unless otherwise stated Permitted – Occasional small sound tight knots are permitted within industry grading rules –  these will be sound tight knots. Minor shrinkage may occur as our Cedar battens are green when new, this is usually a maximum of 2% – 3% Occasional – light sap wood may be present in small percentage of boards. Small splits on ends are permitted on small percentage of boards. Machining marks may be present on a small quantity of boards, these may be small blemishes or stains from machining processes. Boards with minor curvature and twisting, as far as proper installation is ensured. As a guide, a 10mm deviation from true is permitted on a 19 x 38 x 2440mm board. The longer the board, the greater the deviation from true is permitted.
The natural colour variation of  our Western Red Cedar battens are simply stunning. Colours vary form light honey tones through soft reds to dark browns. Within this range of colours there are also two and three tone swirling patterns of natural grain.  The effect of this naturally occurring colour variation when used within a garden scheme is second to none. These unique characteristics separate Cedar from all other types of timber and set it as the favourite choice for garden designers and architects for use within contemporary schemes.
Cedar has a natural preservative oil within it that eliminates the need for further chemical treatments it acts as natural preservative to help the wood resist rot and decay. This makes it the perfect material to construct quality fencing. Many people prefer to allow their cedar fencing to “naturally age” outdoors without any finish at all. Over time the colour will weather to a handsome silver-grey highlighted by darker streaks, and the grain of the wood will become slightly raised.
Some clients prefer to maintain the look of the warm colours of Cedar and opt to have the fencing panels treated. We recommend Textrol HES – UV  protection oil to protect and enhance the colour of your Cedar.  Textrol HES  is available to buy in our online shop. This enhances the natural colours of the Cedar panels and keeps them looking fresh as the day they were installed. Normally this stain would need to be refreshed every two to three years to keep the panels looking their best.
Our Cedar Battens and boards are machined in house. We take care to ensure that the Cedar we produce is consistent and high quality. All the work we do far exceeds most nationally accepted standards. When machining natural products there are always variations that occur but these will always fall within the accepted quality controls.


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