Cequence ‘Noir’ Fence panels are designed to look like Burnt Larch. The effect is achieved by applying Treatex stain to the Larch battens prior to the panels being constructed.

These ‘Noir’ Panels have wonderful grain visible and would be a real statement in any garden space. The panels come ready treated ready to use and are around half the cost of real burnt Larch.

Our high quality Siberian Larch Noir fence panels are handmade in our joinery workshop. It’s a contemporary style horizontal slatted panel, designed to create a continuous line of fencing with no visible posts.

These fence panels are made from hard wearing Siberian Larch and are treated with Treatex stain to achieve a Burnt Larch look.

These fencing panels are sold in handy 60cm and 90cm high sections that can be stacked above each other to achieve your desired fence height. If your desired fencing height is different you can easily trim off battens as required. The join between stacked panels is invisible so it will look like a single panel once installed.

Key Facts

  • These panels have a grading of A +
  • Can be used to create a continuous slatted fence with no visible posts.
  • Burnt Larch Style Battens.
  • Suitable for both contemporary and traditional gardens
  • Available in range of heights
  • Width Adjustment kits available
  • Matching gates available
  • Larch is a hard wearing wood that will last outdoors with no treatment. It has natural oils and tannins within it  that protect it from the elements.
  • 7mm gaps between battens offers great privacy

About ‘Noir ‘Panels

Our Noir panels are designed to replicate the appearance of burnt or charred Larch.

Charring of timber originated in Japan in the 18th Century. The technique is known as Yakisugi in Japanese. The Idea is that the scorching of the wood enhances the wood preservation and durability together with creating an interesting texture and colour.

We don’t actually scorch our Larch, but have instead found a treatment that gives a similar effect without the flames! We suggest refreshing the colour every two to three years as required or you can leave it to naturally age.