Cequence Privacy Slim Cedar Fence Panels

If you are looking to introduce a contemporary slatted fence to your garden, our Cedar privacy slim slatted panels are the perfect option. They are designed to fit together to create a seamless fence with no visible posts. A continuous line travelling around your garden brings a sense of order and calm to outdoor spaces. The warm Cedar colours are also the perfect backdrop to plant against and are a wonderful foil for sculpture or water features. Create the right look, first time with ease, with Cequence Slatted fencing.

Our popular privacy slim panels have the unique style of a slatted fencing but also has the added benefit of offering complete privacy. Our standard slatted fencing panels have small gaps between each batten so it is possible to look through the gaps, these Privacy slim fence panels give the same contemporary look but offer complete privacy without the gaps.

This unique panel is the ideal solution for privacy in your garden, the shiplap boards have rebates in them that give an attractive shadow line and slatted look.

Privacy slim slatted fencing panels are constructed from high quality Western Red Cedar shiplap boards in our joinery workshop.  These panels are used in conjunction with our posts and capping as part of the patented Cequence system or they can be attached to a wall or existing fence.

Key Facts

  • Brings contemporary Style to your garden
  • Offers complete privacy
  • Readymade slatted fence panels
  •  Creates perfect horizontal lines
  •  No visible fixings when installed
  • High Quality Western Red Cedar
  • Easy and accurate installation every time
  • Built with 44mm x 17mm Cedar Slim Shiplap boards
  • 7mm rebated grooves between Cedar battens
  • Built with stainless steel fixings
  • 100s of happy customers
  • Hand made and hand finished.

Why Slatted fencing?

The rise in popularity of slatted fencing has been huge. One of the reasons for this is that the strong lines of horizontal fencing contrasts so well against plants and natural elements.
It is a real case of opposites attracting! On the one hand you have the strong structural lines of horizontal fencing and the other hand the natural form of plants and trees, together they just work!
But why is horizontal slatted fencing so appealing to look at?  Well we think it may have a lot to do with the shadows between each strip of wood.  These shadows act as a separator allowing your eye to perceive each individual board. This is further highlighted when these boards run around the garden uninterrupted. Combine this with the wonderful varied colours of Western Red Cedar and it just becomes something really special.