Siberian Larch Slatted Fence Panel

If you are looking for beautiful slatted fence panel then look no further, constructed from ‘A+’ grade Siberian Larch, these fence panels are an easy choice. Our Siberian Larch fence panels have wonderful colouring and an attractive wood grain. This colouring can be protected and enhanced using a UV protection oil or Larch can be allow to naturally age to a handsome silver grey.

Our Siberian Larch Fencing panels are so popular that they outsell every other product on our website! Contemporary Fencing developed this product to provide a more reasonably priced alternative to our Cedar fencing. Siberian Larch has similar properties to Cedar, it will last outdoors without the need for treatment, it lasts a very long time and looks amazing!

Contemporary styled horizontal slatted panels, are designed to create a continuous line of fencing with no visible posts. The Larch battens within these fence panels are 44mm x 21mm and there is a 7mm gap between each batten.

These fencing panels are sold in handy 60cm and 90cm high sections that can be stacked above each other to achieve your desired fence height. If your desired fencing height is different you can easily trim off battens as required. The join between stacked panels is invisible so it will look like a single panel once installed.

Key Facts

  • These panels have a grading of A+ Siberian Larch
  • Can be fitted in a continuous line with no visible posts
  • Beautiful colour and grain
  • Ideal for contemporary and traditional gardens
  • Fast delivery times
  • Larch is a hard wearing wood that will last outdoors with no treatment. It has natural oils and tannins within it that protect it from the elements.
  • Larch panels are also kiln dried and are perfect for painting.
  • We also offer our Larch panels ready treated in three colours. Drift, Noir and Cedar oil.
  • 7mm gaps between battens offers great privacy