Redwood Battens – pack of 10

Our Scandinavian Redwood Battens are an ideal solution for building bespoke slatted fence panels, whilst keeping your fencing project budget low. Our fencing battens are pressure treated to give an attractive colour and great long term protection.

These battens have been cut to size to save you time during installation.

Key Facts

  • Great Quality and Price
  • Ideal for building DIY slatted fencing or garden trellis
  • Suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes
  • High quality Treated Redwood
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Matching posts & gates available
  • Cut to length of 183cm
  • Batten Size 44mm x 18mm

What is Scandinavian Redwood?

Planed on all sides for a smooth finish our treated Scandinavian Redwood battens are perfect for fencing. The pressure treatment process protects the wood making it resistant to weather so it lasts in harsh environments. Our battens are actually cut to size prior to the treatment process so that the ends are also treated.

Scandinavian Redwood, also known as Scots Pine or European Redwood, is a very popular softwood species that is known for its good quality. It is a sustainably sourced timber, imported from privately owned forests in Scandinavia and Russia. Softwoods when used outdoors need to be treated to protect them from weather so they last longer. The problem is that this treatment process makes the wood unattractive to look at!  You must of seen wood with a green or dark brown , it just does not fit the bill if you want an attractive slatted fence. Luckily our design team searched until they found a timber treatment that would not only protect the timber but would also look amazing. Our treatment allows you to still see the grain and natural variation in colour of the boards.

Redwood Batten Colour

The colour treatment of these battens is opaque allowing the wood grain to be visible through the attractive brown colour. This colour is applied as part of the  pressure treatment process and is not the natural colour of the wood.
The battens are normally darker when the battens are new, this is because battens take a few weeks to dry out after treatment. Once the battens are fully dry you can apply a UV protector to protect the colour and prevent it fading. See our woodcare section for UV protection stain.