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‘A+ Grade’ Larch Decking Board – 145mm x 28mm

Estimated lead time: 48 Hours

£45.00 + vat£55.00 + vat

 Price per m2

£45.00 + vat – Boards Only
£55.00 + vat – Boards & Secret Fixings

Looking for a decking solution that’s both beautiful and long-lasting? Look no further than Cequence Larch deck boards! Our Larch decking is graded A+ and smooth on both sides, making it perfect for any landscaping project. Our cobra clips make installation easy – perfect for those with little DIY experience. Thanks to the natural characteristics of Larch, this decking material will last outdoors for up to 40 years, it is also kiln dried so will easily accept decking treatments and colours.

We also supply bullnosed deck boards on request see details below

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Cequence Larch Decking Board – Secret Fix  

Our Cequence decking is simply the best on the market.

If you are looking for a timber deck board for your garden project then our smooth both side Larch Decking is a great option. It is great value, looks fantastic and will last a very long time. For people who prefer natural decking our Cequence decking is a popular choice.

Cequence Larch decking is carefully selected at source ensuring the highest quality at all times. The decking is smooth both sides allowing you the choice of two faces.
Our decking can be secretly fixed using Cobra decking clips. The boards have a groove on each edge that locates a cobra clip between the boards hidden from view.

Why not come and see our Larch decking in our showroom?  You can walk on it and touch it before you buy! If you are too far away order a sample and see the quality for yourself!

Bullnosed deck boards for steps and edges

Often you need a deck board with one edge that is rounded so that you can use it for a step edge or as the edge board for a deck.  As our deck boards have grooves in the edges you will need to let us know how many boards you need for edges and steps. We can easily machine one edge of the board for you so its suitable for a step or edge. We do not charge for this service, just simply let us know how many bullnosed boards you need and we will do the rest.

Unique Larch

The unique characteristics of Siberian Larch make it the best material for timber decking. Aside from its wonderful natural colour, it is by far one of the world’s most durable softwoods. Siberian larch decking has excellent stability and the highest density of any commercially available softwood species making it the ideal timber for garden decking.

Please do not mix up our decking with inferior Larch decking products. The grade and quality of our decking far exceeds any other decking product currently available.

For more info on our Larch decking please contact us.

These boards have been priced per m2 to make it easier for you to work out how may you need. We will provide you correct amount of boards for the amount you order.

How many deck boards do I need?

The easiest way to order decking is to work out the area of your proposed deck and the order around 10% more. This allows a small amount for wastage and cuts.

As a guide there are around 6.6 linear meters of Larch deck boards per m2. If you need help working out what you need please get in contact and we will be happy to help.


Additional information


Siberian Larch

Delivery Timescale

1 Week


3.0m, 4.0m

Secret Fixings & Screws

Include Secret Fixings & Screws (15 per m2), Boards only

Our Price Promise

Why buy from The Contemporary Fencing Company?

Our products are always competitively priced, we strive to ensure that we keep costs as low as possible without compromising quality. With many years experience sourcing timber and landscaping materials we always keep adequate and steady stock levels.

Our Fencing company had humble beginnings, the reason we have grown and are successful is simple. We care about what we do, we love working with wood and creating beautiful products that work.

The Contemporary Fencing Company started out provided high quality Fencing for residential and commercial customers. As our company grew we added more products that met with our ethos of quality design and craftsmanship. We are now proud to be a London Stone Partner and have added a fantastic range of hard landscaping materials including porcelain paving, walling and quality composite decking.

So whether you have a modern garden project or something more traditional our product range will have something to offer. We now also have a fantastic landscaping showroom open so you can come and see what we do. Take a browse through the landscaping displays and stroke our green walls. There is nothing better than seeing something in real life before buying.

For trade customers we are happy for you to visit with your customers and can provide a space for client meetings if needed. Equally please feel free to send your customers in and we will look after them offering advice on all our landscaping options. Our new showroom is a great space to get inspiration and show customers what is possible. We want people to visit and come away with ideas and inspiration.

Why we use Siberian Larch?

  • Cequence B grade.
  • Graded to BS1186-3 Part 4 Class 2.
  • Even spread of knots but areas of clear timber.
  • Kiln-dried to moisture content of 16-18% (+/- 2%).
  • FSC Certified.
  • Knots Permitted
  • Sound tight (live / intergrown) knots typically under 25mm diameter, though some may exceed this.
  • Average of two knots per metre over total length of material excluding pin knots.
  • Occasionally knots may be unsound, loose or missing.
  • Sap wood Permitted within grade – Some boards are sap free on the face.
  • Compression wood permitted within grade – occasional.
  • Deformation permitted within grade – Boards with minor curvature and twisting permitted within grade
  • Occasional pitch pockets permitted.
  • Lateral checks and splits are permitted (these do not effect durability of wood)

  • Siberian Larch Cequence A grade
  • Graded to BS1186-3 Part 4 Class 1.
  • Quality controlled selection process (in house)
  • Clear, consistent with minimal knots.
  • Kiln-dried to moisture content of 16-18% (+/- 2%).
  • FSC Certified Source.
  • Lateral checks and splits are permitted (these do not effect durability of wood)

Siberian Larch is a very popular timber choice for its appearance and durability. It is used widely by Designers and Architects and is considered one of the best timbers for exterior use. The shapes and patterns of the grain are very aesthetically pleasing and provide real character. The colour is normally honey, straw  to  light brown. It looks particularly good when stained with Cedar oil as this enhances the timbers colour or it can be left to naturally age to silver grey.


Larch originates from Siberia where the weather is extremely cold. The trees are very slow growing making the timber dense and tight grained with minimal knots. These characteristics make Larch perfect for external cladding, fencing as well as other features like joinery, decking, and flooring.

Larch is not as vulnerable to knocks, scrapes and scratches. This is an important aspect for fencing as it will mean your boundary will be robust and stand the test of time. You can expect your Larch to last between 30 and 50 years.
If you compare this to standard treated softwood fencing you can see that Siberian Larch really is a great option.

Larch does sometimes develop shakes or small splits as the wood dries out, this does not in any way effect the strength or durability of the wood. This is just a natural characteristic of Siberian Larch.

Our Siberian Larch battens and boards are machined in house. We take care to ensure that the Larch we produce is consistent and high quality.
All the work we do far exceeds most nationally accepted standards. When machining natural products there are always variations that occur but these will always fall within the accepted quality controls set out below.

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