Siberian Larch T & G cladding with contemporary V joint

TGV cladding boards can be used both horizontally and veritcally.
Our Larch cladding boards are available in two widths 144mm and 94mm and a range of lengths.

This Larch T & G cladding is kiln dried so will accept stain and paints easily. The boards are a tongue and a groove design so that they fit together snugly to prevent any water ingress.
Clean shadow lines are created by the V joint between each board, this is a popular choice for cladding homes and garden buildings.

Beautiful colours

Siberian Larch cladding has wonderful light sandy colouring and an attractive grain, it is often enhanced using a UV protection oil or can be allowed to naturally age to a handsome silver grey.

Larch cladding is available in two grades,  premium A grade and B grade. Both are Siberian larch from Russia.

A Grade

These TGV boards have been hand selected for quality and have fewer knots present. They will always have some knots as it is a natural product but rest assured our team has selected these battens by hand to ensure consistent grade and highest quality. Ideal for contemporary cladding projects.

B Grade 

These TGV boards have more knots present than our A Grade.  These boards have more character  are perfect for painting as they are Kiln dried or they can be left to naturally age to a silver grey. In Sweden and Norway Larch with more knots is actually a more sought after product due to the more interesting appearance and the decorative look of the grain.  If you are looking for wood to bring character to a garden space then B grade is for you, the swirling grain and knots really are stunning.

Key Facts

  • Quality Siberian Larch
  • Avilable in 144mm or 94mm width
  • Available in range of grades and sizes
  • Perfect for garden buildings and cladding houses
  • 21mm board thickness
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • V joint between boards