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Cequence White Limed Cedar Fence Panel – 180cm W

Stackable Panels

Our panels are modular, so you can use multiple panels to create the height, or cut them down to suit your needs.

White Limed Cedar Fence Panel

Add a touch of luxury to your garden with our limed white cedar fence panels. Made from high-quality Canadian cedar, these fence panels are built to last. The limed white finish gives the panels a beautiful, natural look that will complement any garden.

The cedar is sourced from the mountains of Canada, where it is known for its durability and stunning wood grain. Our skilled craftsmen hand-make each panel in our UK workshop, ensuring that every panel is of the highest quality.

White lime effect gives these panels a lighter colouring that is perfect for adding a touch of brightness to dark garden spaces. Ideal for schemes where a lighter surround will reflect light like a classic ibiza style space with white washed walls.

The panels are easy to install, and come with all the necessary fixings. Whether you are looking to add privacy to your garden or simply want to enhance its appearance, our limed white cedar fence panels are the perfect solution. Order yours today and enjoy your beautiful new outdoor space.

Wider Board Design

Looking for a fence panel that offers something a little different? Our limed white Cedar panel may be just what you need! These slatted panels feature wider boards for an eye-catching look, and the 80mm wide batten with a 7mm gap provides a unique visual appeal. Perfect for both contemporary and traditional garden styles, Canadian fence panels are a great way to create a continuous line of fencing without any visible posts. Our limed white cedar panel is easy to install – simply stack the panels on top of each other and fix them to the front of your posts. With its chic good looks and easy installation, our limed white cedar panel is sure to become a fast favourite in your garden!

Fencing Perfection

Looking for a sleek and stylish fence panel that will add a touch of modern class to your home? Look no further than our limed white cedar panel. This beautiful panel is made with high-quality slats that line up perfectly, creating a clean and polished look. And our unique manufacturing process ensures that your panels will always align correctly. You can rest assured knowing that you're getting the best quality product on the market. Additionally, our panels are built with stainless steel nails and ringed shanks for extra durability. So not only will your fence look great, but it will also last for years to come. Give your home the wow factor it deserves with our limed white cedar panel.

Cequence Stackable Fence Panels

Our Fence panels are supplied in 90cm and 60cm sections that can easily be stacked on top of each other to reach your desired fencing height. The join between panels is invisible once the panels are fitted.
See the diagrams on the product images for further information.

Key Facts

  • Cream of the crop construction and value
  • 80mm Boards with a 7mm gap
  • Trendy slatted design
  • Creates a continuous line of slatted fencing
  • Suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes
  • High quality Canadian Cedar
  • Made by hand in our joinery workshop
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Can be altered using our width adjustment kits with ease

More About Limed White Cedar

This elegant fencing is perfect for adding a touch of class and sophistication to your home. It nobly stands in any season; the pale white colour beams brightly in the sunlight, compliments the snow's beauty, bypasses the weathering spring rain and sits calmly under a blanket of leaves.


Western Red Cedar


Slatted Fence Panel



Delivery Timescale

2 Weeks


60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 210cm


Classic Painted Range

Why buy from The Contemporary Fencing Company?

Our products are always competitively priced, we strive to ensure that we keep costs as low as possible without compromising quality. With many years experience sourcing timber and landscaping materials we always keep adequate and steady stock levels.

Our Fencing company had humble beginnings, the reason we have grown and are successful is simple. We care about what we do, we love working with wood and creating beautiful products that work.

The Contemporary Fencing Company started out provided high quality Fencing for residential and commercial customers. As our company grew we added more products that met with our ethos of quality design and craftsmanship. We are now proud to be a London Stone Partner and have added a fantastic range of hard landscaping materials including porcelain paving, walling and quality composite decking.

So whether you have a modern garden project or something more traditional our product range will have something to offer. We now also have a fantastic landscaping showroom open so you can come and see what we do. Take a browse through the landscaping displays and stroke our green walls. There is nothing better than seeing something in real life before buying.

For trade customers we are happy for you to visit with your customers and can provide a space for client meetings if needed. Equally please feel free to send your customers in and we will look after them offering advice on all our landscaping options. Our new showroom is a great space to get inspiration and show customers what is possible. We want people to visit and come away with ideas and inspiration.

natural timber range
The natural colour variation of our Western Red Cedar is simply stunning. Colours vary from light honey tones through soft reds to dark browns. Within this range of colours there are also two and three tone swirling patterns of natural grain. The naturally occurring colours of Cedar are unique and very beautiful. These characteristics separate Cedar from all other types of timber and set it as the favourite choice for garden designers and architects for use within contemporary schemes.

Cedar has a natural preservative oil within it that eliminates the need for further chemical treatments it acts as natural preservative to help the wood resist rot and decay. This makes it the perfect material to construct quality fencing. Many people prefer to allow their cedar fencing to “naturally age” outdoors without any finish at all. Over time the colour will weather to a handsome silver-grey highlighted by darker streaks, and the grain of the wood will become slightly raised.

Some clients prefer to maintain the look of the warm colours of Cedar and opt to have the fencing panels treated. We recommend Textrol HES – UV protection oil to protect and enhance the colour of your Cedar. Textrol HES is available to buy in our online shop. This enhances the natural colours of the Cedar panels and keeps them looking fresh as the day they were installed. Normally this stain would need to be refreshed every two to three years to keep the panels looking their best.


Graded to BS1186-3 Part 4 Class 1

Quality Controlled Production Methods – CF in House quality control

Clean and consistent quality – Knots rarely present

Green Cedar – 21- 30% – Not Kiln Dried

Clear Grade 2 unless otherwise stated Permitted – occasional small sound tight knots are permitted within industry grading rules – these will be sound tight knots.

Minor shrinkage may occur as our Cedar baens are green when new, this is usually a maximum of 2% – 3%

Occasional – light sap wood may be present in small percentage of boards.

Small splits on ends are permied on small percentage of boards.

Machining marks may be present on a small quantity of boards, these may be small blemishes or stains from machining processes.

Boards with minor curvature and twisting, as far as proper installation is ensured. As a guide, a 10mm deviation from true is permied on a 19 x 38 x 2440mm board. The longer the board, the greater the deviation from true is permitted.

These handy installation manuals has detailed information on how to install your stackable fence panels.

Perfect for reference or inclusion in project documentation.

Attaching panels to a brick or block wall

Attaching panels to an existing fence

Installing slatted fencing in a garden

Installing slatted fencing on top of a wall

Width Adjustment Kits

classic painted range
Our painted fencing is made using finest grade treated Scandinavian Redwood which has two coats of water-based exterior acrylic paint for extra protection. Colour stain applied after
the manufacture of the panels.

The water-based acrylic paint is resistant against flaking, UV, cracking, blistering, and many other types of weathering.

We offer panels posts and capping in the following colours as standard, bespoke colour are available on request.



• White
• Light Grey
• Aged Grey
• Sea Foam Green
• Anthracite Grey
• Black

35 other colours available on bespoke request

Tailor-Made Patented System

Our patented Cequence fencing system takes the hard work out of having a slatted fence, the panels are readymade in handy sizes that will fit perfectly together giving you a high quality finish every time. Made from beautiful Canadian Western Red Cedar our Cequence fencing system is simply stunning

Based on 50 reviews.
Pawel Oles
Pawel Oles
10. August, 2022.
Nice and professional service. I recommend.
Thomas Hunter
Thomas Hunter
15. July, 2022.
Having seen a cedar wood L-shaped floating bench on their website, I speculatively enquired with Contemporary Fencing to see whether they could make it into a bench for us. To our delight, Geoff agreed and the team were very helpful throughout the design process. There is simply nothing like this available online. The product quality and craftmanship is exceptional, and we now have a stunning bench which should last for many, many years.
stokie Lemons
stokie Lemons
30. June, 2022.
Great quality fence panels. Customer service were super helpful. Delivery called before arriving as promised. Great experience will buy from them again
Mohiuddin Nawaz
Mohiuddin Nawaz
3. May, 2022.
Fantastic showroom, with variety of fences , decking , pergolas , paving stone to chose. Staff is extremely helpful on choosing the right product. Happy to recommend this place for any landscaping projects.
Richard Newman
Richard Newman
29. April, 2022.
Fast, efficient and very helpful in dealing with my enquires resulting in some great fencing.
Ady Rugina
Ady Rugina
26. April, 2022.
The wood fence panels and the gate look really good and they are very high quality. The communication was very good - swapped a gate as we've changed our mind plus they've helped us with a bespoke panel size. Just ask them and they are keen to accommodate any needs. I'm really pleased that I've used them. Not cheap, but you're getting what you're paying for.
Michael Jeffery
Michael Jeffery
25. April, 2022.
Supply and delivery of Fencing panels
Kenny Ingram
Kenny Ingram
30. March, 2022.
Our experience with Contemporary Fencing was first class. The process from ordering the privacy fencing until the guys fitting it was seamless with great communication. Highly recommended and thank you for a great service.

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