1. It’s Good to Keep a Clear Boundary

Neighbours are great. They’ll take a parcel for you from time to time and even pop round in the summer when you’re having a BBQ during the one week of British sunshine. With that said, it’s always good practice to keep a well-established boundary between properties using a good garden fence. This avoids misunderstandings and conflict in the future.

It also gives you the confidence to create other structures such a garden shed without fear you’re encroaching on neighbouring property.

2. Animals Don’t Care About Boundaries

As much as we wish they did, next door’s pets don’t observe the boundaries between you and your neighbour. The only way to keep them out is with a garden fence that’s in good condition. You’ll want to make sure the full length is intact and forms a complete barrier so that small holes aren’t made bigger by nosey creatures that turn it into a not so small anymore hole.

Animals and pets that aren’t under your control can cause other issues in your garden that will be prevented by the fence. However, we have to accept that nature is nature and we share our gardens sometimes whether we choose to or not. That’s why it’s recommended to purposefully create small holes for hedgehogs so they can make their way across the land unhindered. They need to be just the right size to let our prickly friends through, but small enough to keep other animals out.

3. If it Comes Down on Your Side…

You know it will happen at 3 in the morning on a cold night. You’re woken up by the noise of a falling garden fence. Inevitably, the fence comes down onto something that you really could do without replacing. Then it breaks up and starts hitting other things. Not the best night. Keeping the garden fence in good condition can prevent this from happening.

4. If it Comes Down on Next Door’s Side…

Exactly the same, except now you have a potential conflict with a neighbour and a repair bill for what it hit on their side

5. It Just Doesn’t Look Good

You want your garden to be a pleasant place so that you can spend quality time in it during the Summer or give the children somewhere to explore. A fence that’s falling apart just doesn’t look good and it will probably be one of the most prominent features outside your home.

There are a lot of choices for garden fencing and sometimes a bit more to think about than what it looks like.