Venetian Fence Panels -Treated Redwood

Looking for a quality fence panel that doesn’t break the bank? Our Venetian slatted fence panels are perfect! Made from Scandinavian Redwood. Available in handy 60cm and 90cm high sections, so you can customise your fence height however you like.

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Venetian Fence Panels – Scandinavian Redwood

Our Venetian fence panels are contemporary in style and are made from the highest quality timber. The wonderful wood grain of Redwood timber is protected with pressure treatment.  to protect it from the elements, also giving it an attractive colouring that still allows you to appreciate the wonderful wood grain. You can rest assured that this really is the best treated softwood you will find on the market.

Our A Grade Redwood battens are ‘unsorted grade’ Scandinavian Redwood, this grade is the highest quality available in this timber. It means that the timber has few knots and has minimal surface imperfections. The colour of our battens is also very attractive unlike most green treated battens that you will find in abundance online. The timber has been chosen as a cost effective alternative to Cedar fencing. This gives you contemporary slatted fencing panels at the best price around.

Fencing perfection

Our Venetian fence panels are made so that the battens line up perfectly. If you are looking for the horizontal slatted look then its so important the panels all align correctly. Our unique manufacturing process is very accurate and precise. You can rest assured that the lines of your slatted fencing will run true when purchasing our Venetian panels. If you are comparing products ask the question ‘do the battens line up perfectly?’ before you buy.

Treated Scandinavian redwood panels are handmade in our UK based workshop.

Easy To Assemble 3 Part Cequence Design

This Venetian fencing is part of our Cequence fencing system which consists of a slatted panel, a profiled post and a capping rail. These three parts go together to create a seamless fence with no visible posts.

These contemporary slatted fence panels are sold in handy 60cm and 90cm high sections that can be stacked above each other to achieve your desired fence height. If your desired fencing height is different you can easily trim off battens as required. The join between stacked Venetian panels is invisible so it will look like a single panel once installed.

The most popular way of fitting these panels is to have them fixed to the front of the posts so that you don’t have a break between each panel.

Don’t forget to buy screws to attach your panels to posts – you can find our 63mm powder coated screws in the fixing section of our website.

Key Facts

  • Great quality and price
  • Easy to assemble 3 part Cequence system
  • Popular Venetian style fencing
  • Creates a continuous line of slatted fencing
  • Suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes
  • High-quality treated Redwood panels – handmade in our joinery shop
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Width adjustment kits are available for on site sizing.
  • Matching posts & gates available

Origins Of Venetian Style – And Our Interpretation Of The Style

We have all heard of Venetian blinds, but why did people call this type of blind Venetian?

The answer is no one knows for certain! but the origins are likely to lie in the Far East. It is assumed that a new way of covering windows was discovered by Venice traders who travelled to the East. When they sold them in Europe they took on the name ‘Venetian Blinds’ after the traders who sold them. The rest as they say is History! Our fencing was not discovered by Venetians, but was made in the South East (of England). We hope that we deserve to use the name ‘Venetian’ and that like the blinds it may find its way all across Europe one day.

The original and the best

We were one of the first companies in the UK to design and sell slatted Venetian fencing panels. Our Venetian fencing panels fit together and line up perfectly for a horizontal slatted look with no visible posts. This style of fencing is the perfect foil to plant against and is very popular with designers and architects. We use finest treated Scandinavian Redwood to make our Venetian fencing, this gives you the look of an expensive Cedar panel at the fraction of the cost.

Why Venetian?

Our fence panels have that gorgeous, minimalist Venetian blind look, re-imagined into sturdy garden fencing, horizontal, slatted, and designed to create a continuous line of fencing with no visible posts. The most popular way of fitting these panels is to have them fixed to the front of the posts so that you don’t have a break between each panel. This slatted look of Venetian fence panels is a very popular style of fencing. It works in both contemporary and traditional gardens. Venetian fencing is also perfect to clad over existing fencing and can be used on top of a wall to add height to your boundary.

Remember our fencing experts design and built every product. We take pride in our work and care about what we do.
We look forward to supplying you with a new fence soon!