Readymade Panels Will Save You Money

The following information is to help you understand why purchasing readymade panels from the Contemporary Fencing Company Ltd is the most cost effective way to achieve cedar slatted fencing on the market. This will help you make an informed decision on what fencing best suits you needs and explains what you actually get for your money.




DIY Cedar slatted screen kits

Western Red Cedar Slatted Fence kits are available to buy online and seem like a good deal. Here are some things you may not know about these kits.

These kits are fixed to posts with nails or screws through the front of the batten so all the fixings are visible. The suggested method to hide these ugly fixings is to put a vertical piece of wood over the joins. This gives the fencing the look of a normal fence with vertical strips on every join. In our view it completely spoils the linear look of slatted fencing.

The ends of each of the battens are not always square and the battens may vary in length. This means that if you want a smooth joint between the panels then you have to cut every single slat. This takes a lot of time and slows down the installation of the fencing costing time and money.  Some people opt to try and make the panels up themselves on site. This is even more time consuming for them and the end result often does not look good at all

Our readymade panels

Our readymade panels work out cheaper than screen kits! On the following page there is a chart showing the costs for ten 1.8m x 1.8m panels. As you can see readymade panels are more expensive to buy but the saving on labour because they are fast to install more than makes up for the extra cost!

Who guarantees your fencing kit after its installed? Will the fitter come back if something goes wrong? Our readymade panels have a 20 year gurantee with a maintenance service if required.

The warmth of cedar enclosing a space brings a sense of peace and clarity. Losing the jumble of old fencing and replacing it with a linear clean cedar fence truly transforms your garden and transports you to a place of calm.

Our patented 3 part system delivers a beautiful cedar fence with no visible fixings. Seamless lines of cedar and perfectly matching joints. A capping rail protects and strengthens the whole fence.

Our readymade cedar slatted panels are made to measure at no extra cost. Simply let us know the length of each fence run and we will make the panels to fit perfectly. No other company offers this service free of charge. Our readymade panels are fixed from behind so there are no visible fixings. The Cedar we use is clear grade and the batten thickness is 18mm.

The Contemporary Fencing Company are experts in Cedar Slatted Fencing, we are not wood merchants or salesmen, we simply love building beautiful fencing from Cedar.

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