Width adjustment kit for Cedar Privacy panels

These kits include everything you need to alter the width of one of our Privacy Cedar panels. It is quite easy to do as long as you have reasonable DIY skills and some tools.

  • You will need a drill / driver and a circular saw.
  • Choose a kit the same height as the panel you are altering.
  • Slatted panel adjustment kits comprise of a 44mm x 17mm Cedar batten for the rear panel support and 30mm stainless steel screws.
  • Simply fix the batten into place on the rear of the panel in the position at the required width.  Ensure there is a screw in every horizontal batten then trim off the fence panel to the new size.
  • Full instructions will be provided.

Please note this kit is for slatted panels only – if you are altering a slatted panel you will need a different kit!