Whether you’re simply looking for a few backyard garden fence ideas or if you’re after some inspiration for a modern house fence design, you’ll be surprised at what you can do with a little imagination.

Here is a selection of the best fence ideas, taken from some of our favourite client projects.

Modern house fence ideas

We love the contemporary take on a privacy trellis which we delivered for this landscaped garden of a stylish modern house. There are two sizes of boards in this fence design.

The lower wider boards are actually double sided so offer complete privacy, while the smaller  battens at the top allow light to pass into the garden. If you look carefully you can see the metal double sided posts inside the fence panel.

Unique Fencing Ideas

Don’t allow your imagination to be limited by the typical uses for garden fence panels. Our versatile cedar wood fence panels have a multitude of different uses. A popular use of our cedar panelling is to clad a pediment of a house.

Our client came to us as they wanted to provide a splash of luxury to the exterior of their modern home and, as you can see from the finished pediment, we fulfilled their brief entirely. The warm reddish hue of the western red cedar blends perfectly with the palate of orange and reds from the bricks. This, coupled with the slate grey of the windows and frosted door glazing, creates some seriously impressive kerb appeal, the client decided to have this to match the cedar fencing we fitted in the garden.


Small Garden Fencing Ideas

If you have a courtyard-style garden, don’t let this put you off having a fence. There are plenty of small garden fence ideas that can help maximise the space available to you.

For one client, a renowned photographer a large photo of a woodland vista was fitted to our fencing, this gave a wonderful depth to the space. This, coupled with the natural cedar of the fence panels, helps to create a seamless extension of their courtyard.

For another client, whose outdoor space had a more contemporary vibe, a selection of lights were added to illuminate the brick walls and wooden panelling beneath our cedar fences. This transformed what was once a small backyard to a luxurious, spacious extension of the living room, helping to bring the inside, out.