You may have seen us on Channel 4’s Inside Out Homes recently. We were tasked by homeowners  Pinal and Rachael Ghandi with creating a contemporary fence  in their garden that would be part of renowned architect Zac Monro latest TV project. The brief was simple: to make the garden appear as if it’s an extension of the modern home – and our stylish, cedar wood fences fit the bill entirely.

To see our fencing on Inside Out homes visit the link below.

As you’ll see from the finished garden, the vibrant natural hue of the wood off-set the garden completely. Really, no other fencing bar ours would have suited the space. We selected a privacy panelled fence for the space to help to create an enclosed space which was far removed from the suburban setting.

If you’d like to bring your outside space in, the effect can be achieved with surprising ease. Here are some of our top tips:

Think about the height of your fence

Ensure that your fences are the same height as the ceiling of your ground floor. This will help to draw your eye effortlessly along the smart straight lines of your walls to your fences, making it appear as if your fence is just an extension of your wall.

Use equally-sized, horizontal panels

We love the look that horizontal fence panels provide. Traditional, rudimentary fencing tends to be arranged vertically, in a feather-board pattern but here at Contemporary Fencing, we like to go against the grain, creating a fresh and modern look and feel to the finished fence.

To set off this refined look, it’s important that your fencing panels fit the dimensions of your garden, which is why we’ll cut your panels to size for no extra charge.

Keep the natural colour of the fence

Pinal and Rachael’s garden boasted a vast array of unusual and exotic foliage but viewers could immediately tell that it was our fences that took centre stage.

The fencing can be protected if you love the warm colours of Cedar or it can be left to naturally age to a smart silver-grey over time. Contemporary Fencing provide all the products you need to protect and enhance your fencing.

Keep an 7mm gap between boards

It’s not easy, bringing a splash of tropical warmth to a mock-tudor semi in Ealing, as we were tasked with in Inside Out Homes. However, by installing our cedar slatted bevel edge panel with an 7mm gap between panes, we can maximise any sunshine we do get by creating a shadow across the horizontal lines of the fence. This really helps to create that sun-trap feel that the show’s gardener Rosie Bine had envisaged.