Tailor-Made Patented System

The Cequence product range has been developed to provide a solutions to the garden design and architectural industries.

Architects and designers are increasingly relying less on site built features and are turning to ready made options that offer a better quality finish and guarantees.

Our attention to detail and desire to create products that look and perform beautifully is what sets us apart.

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Our patented Cequence fencing system takes the hard work out of having a slatted fence, the panels are ready- made in handy sizes that will fit perfectly together giving you a high quality finish every time.

Made from beautiful Canadian Western Red Cedar our Cequence fencing system is simply stunning

Cequence by Contemporary Fencing

Essential guides for Cequence installation

Our Patented Cequence fencing can be fitted in different ways, you can find which way suits your project best by exploring the guides.

Select from one of our installation guides below to find out more.

Top-Of-Wall Attachment

Attach To Existing Fence

Attach To
A Wall

How The Cequence System™ Works

Our 3 part patented system makes the installation of horizontal slatted fencing an easy and quick task. These three elements combined create a seamless slatted fence system.

Part 1
Cequence Panel

Part 2
Cedar Post

Part 3
Cedar Capping

How Cequence System Works

Easy to install  |  Versatile  |  Combinations  |  Stackable

Our garden products can be used in numerous ways with fixing methods to suit all applications. Explore our online guides to find a solution that suits your projecct and then download specifications and drawings.

Our Modular Panel System

Easy to install  |  Versatile  |  Combinations  |  Stackable

The Panel System is an innovative way to create a fence that’s totally customisable. Our panels are modular, so you can use multiple panels to create the height you need, or cut them down to suit your needs.

stackable panels guide