When creating your garden fence, the materials that you choose are as important as the overall shape and design of your panels.

For us, there is only one type of timber that we’d ever use – Western Red Cedar. Originating from the United States and Canada, this highly-coveted material is now widely available in Europe. The trees grow to up to 60 metres tall and it is one of the most sustainable timbers available today.

Here are our top 6 reasons for using Western Red Cedar wood fence panels:

Red cedar wood is naturally beautiful

Imbued with a palette of reds, oranges and pinkish hues, the incandescent beauty of Red Cedar wood creates a beautiful finish for your garden fencing.

Eventually, the colour of your Red Cedar fence panels will weather to a silver-grey highlighted by darker streaks. This natural colour evolution makes Western Red Cedar wood the perfect material to create a modern and beautiful garden fence. If you prefer to keep the vibrant colour of Western Red Cedar we can supply a stain that has UV filters that will protect and enhance the natural colours

Resistant to rot, decay and pests

Red Cedar wood is naturally resistant to all kinds of rot and insect attacks. The cedar’s own unique oils and tannins fortify the timber, making it the the perfect material for your garden – particularly when faced with all of the elements our British weather can bring.

For you, this means that your garden fencing panels will require very little maintenance going forward.

Highly versatile

Western Red Cedar is simply the best timber for garden products, we also supply a range of other garden products to match our fencing, including gates, Binstores, planters and bench seating. All of these will last the test of time being built from the finest Cedar wood.


It will come as no surprise to hear that when it comes to sustainability, natural wood is far superior to its synthetic counterparts. This is because wood product manufacturing produces far fewer toxins and greenhouse gases than man made products. It’s also renewable and biodegradable and is sourced from the most sustainably-managed forests on the planet!

At Contemporary Fencing, all of our cedar is from a sustainable source and has PEFC certification. Our Western Red Cedar suppliers are a UK-based company who are a EUTR Responsible Purchaser.

Create heavy duty fence panels

Red Cedar wood is synonymous with quality, which is one of the main reasons that we use it for our fences. Its durability, in all weather conditions, makes this material the obvious choice for garden fence panels in the UK.

We’re so confident about the quality of the wood, all of our Western Red Cedar fences are guaranteed for 20 years.

…and Western Red Cedar fence prices needn’t be expensive

There’s no denying it. Western Cedar is a highly sought after material which means that it’s not the cheapest wood on the market.

However, the durability and the naturally-resistant properties of the wood mean that its very unlikely to rot or become damaged so you won’t have to replace your Western Red Cedar fence posts and panels nearly as often as you would other garden fence materials.

In short, although the finish of red cedar is of the highest quality, you’ll be surprised at how affordable our Cedar fence panels will be in the long term.

Take a look at our fence calculator to find out how little these could cost you.