Double Sided Venetian Fence Panels – Pressure Treated – Hit and Miss

This gorgeous Redwood fence panel is identical on both sides, and it was built in a “hit and miss” batten formation to provide excellent privacy from nosy neighbours. Pressure treated for additional strength against the elements and for the charming blonde tone that comes with it.

Available in handy 60cm and 90cm high sections for customizing fence height to your convenience.

Available in two grades of Redwood.

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Venetian Double Sided Fence Panels – Pressure Treated – A + grade – Hit and Miss Layout

Our Venetian Redwood Double Sided Fence Panels – Hit and Miss Fencing Layout – Pressure Treated Fencing are the perfect option if you are looking for great quality and price. Made from pressure treated Scandinavian redwood in our UK based workshop. The Redwood timber is pressure treated to protect it from the elements also giving it an attractive colouring that still allows you to appreciate the wonderful wood grain. You can rest assured that this really is the best treated softwood you will find on the market. Our double sided venetian fencing is suitable for fitting into concrete posts, the battens are hit and miss for maximum privacy

The slatted look of Venetian fence panels is a very popular style of fencing. It works in both contemporary and traditional gardens. We have carefully selected the timber for these fence panels, it is unsorted grade redwood. This means it has minimal knots and is quality controlled.

183cm (6ft) Width to suit concrete posts and gravel boards available on request.

To acheive a 6ft 183cm width our Double sided panels can have two side battens fixed to the edges to ensure a snug fit into your slotted post. The panels without side battens are 1795mm and they can be fitted to timber posts without the side battens if you prefer.

The Redwood battens are planed on all four sides and have gently eased corners. The batten sizes are 44mm x 15mm and the gap is 20mm, the batens are staggered on each side in a hit and miss fashion.

These fencing panels are sold in handy 60cm and 90cm high sections that can be stacked above each other to achieve your desired fence height. If your desired fencing height is different you can easily trim off battens as required. The join between stacked Venetian panels is invisible so it will look like a single panel once installed.

Double sided hit and miss

Double sided fencing has battens that are staggered on each side of the panel in a hit and miss arrangement. This meas that there is a batten on the rear of the panels that blocks the view through the gap in the panel.
It is still possible to see through these panels but it is only at acute angles. So its possible to look down and see some of the floor or look up and see the sky. It is important to understand that these panels are not solid but still offer great privacy.

Fencing Perfection

Our Venetian slatted fence panels are made so that the battens line up perfectly. If you are looking for the horizontal slatted look then its so important the panels all align correctly. Our unique manufacturing process is very accurate and precise. You can rest assured that the lines of your slatted fencing will run true when purchasing our Venetian panels. If you are comparing products ask the question ‘do the battens line up perfectly?’ before you buy.

Key Facts

  • Great Quality and Price
  • Popular Venetian style fencing
  • Double sided
  • Suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes
  • High quality pressure treated Redwood fencing
  • Handmade in our joinery workshop
  • Hit and miss arrangement for extra privacy
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Matching posts & gates available

Origins of Venetian style

We have all heard of Venetian blinds, but why did people call this type of blind Venetian?

The answer is no one knows for certain! but the origins are likely to lie in the Far East. It is assumed that Venice traders who bought from the East would have discovered this new way of covering windows. When they sold them in Europe they took on the name ‘Venetian Blinds’ after the traders who sold them. The rest as they say is History!

Our fencing was not discovered by Venetians but was made in the South East (of England)

We hope that we deserve to use the name ‘Venetian’ and that like the blinds it may find its way all across Europe one day.