The types of fence panels which are now available is rivalled only by the types of fencing materials you can make them with.

Gone is the era of traditional featherboard fence panels used in so many suburban gardens. These days you have a range of different types of fences to suit your needs and aesthetic.

So, whether you value privacy, open space – or a combination of the two – we’ll have the fencing options for you.


Bevel-edged fence panels

What kind of fence is this? These contemporary fence panels combine style with practicality, providing an intelligent, weather-proof design and a sleek finish.

The front edge of each slat has a bevel which allows rain water to drain right off and sunlight to pass through, making it suitable for all seasons.

Great for… Well, anyone really. This is one of our most popular fence panels and it’s easy to see why.

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Square-edged fence panels

What kind of fence is this? The square-edged panel is probably the design you’d be the most familiar with. Generally chosen for its sturdy design and traditional finish, these rectangular battens are easy to install and provide ample security.

Great for… The security-conscious, traditional gardens, boundary fences.

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Privacy Fence Panels

What kind of fence is this? Privacy fence panels are an innovation for our modern age. Like the square-edged panels, these are effectively rectangular fence battens with a rebate between panels to provide a stylish shadow line. Our privacy fence panels have no gaps to guarantee you’ll have complete privacy from neighbouring gardens.

Good for… Overlooked gardens, noisy – or nosy – neighbours.

Also look for: Horizontal slats, stockade pickets, lattice designs, lapboard.


Open fence panels

What kind of fence is this?  Open fence panels are made from Western Red Cedar, each with a gap size of 23mm between panels.
These panels provide a looser, more natural-looking boundary for your garden. They’re also a great choice if you wanted to create a cordoned off area for your bins, bikes or lean-to.

What’s more, climbing plants such as ivy or jasmine can be trained to grow on the slats like a trellis, creating a verdant aesthetic to your fencing.

Great for… Keen gardeners, as dividers in large gardens.

Also look for: Open pale, picket panels.


Horizon fence panels

What kind of fence panel is this? Horizon fence panels create the illusion of more space and so are a great choice for small or narrow gardens.

The boards on these fence panels gradually get wider, from the bottom to the top, giving the effect of a horizon in the distance. The gap size between each panel is 7mm to ensure maximum privacy.

Great for… Small gardens, unique gardens.

Top tip: For an even more contemporary finish, mix up the ordering of the different-width fence panels. Try using the largest pane for the middle and arrange the others around this.