5 tips to achieve the Contemporary Fencing look on a budget.

We all enjoy looking at amazing pictures of beautiful horizontal red Cedar fencing. But for most of us the price of Cedar makes this dream hard to fulfil. So here’s five handy tips that will help you get the Contemporary fencing look without breaking the bank.


DIY Fencing

If you are handy with DIY then making your own slatted fencing could save you a packet! Creating a slatted fence from battens takes time but is relatively simple to do. The process is very repetitive and will involves trimming the battens to equal size and using a nail gun to attach the battens to your posts. Don’t forget to add some vertical supports midway between the posts to keep the battens from twisting. The saving you will make by building your own slatted fencing could be considerable, but you need to factor in the time it takes to build.


Choose your timber carefully

The ideal timber to use for slatted fencing is Cedar, but sadly it’s also the most expensive! So finding a cheaper alternative is a great way to save some pennies. The most popular three types of timber used in slatted fencing are:-

a) Cedar – the ideal option – around £4.20 per metre for battens
b) Larch – A beautiful timber that is around £2.60 per metre for battens
c) Treated softwood – tanalised wood is around £1.50 per metre for battens

Please note prices change quickly and these prices were accurate when this article was written.


Re use posts or clad over your old fence

If your existing posts are in good condition you can re-use them. Simply remove the old panels and use the posts to clad your battens on to. Not having to install new posts is a big saving. It’s also possible to clad slatted panels over an existing fence. If you attach 3 horizontal boards to your posts along your fence. You can then attach your panels to these boards. Simply covering your old fence with slatted panels without all the work of removing the old fence is a great saving!


Do the preparation work yourself & dispose of the waste

If you are having your fencing installed by a company then helping by removing the old fence panels and posts is often a great way to save some cash. Taking down your old fencing and digging out the posts can be a costly exercise so having this bit done ready for your fencers to start fitting can save a packet. If you live in an area where having a fire is not frowned on then burn your old fencing and cook some sausages at the same time!


Try to book a fencer during less busy months

Choosing to get your fencing done in the winter months can be a great way to keep costs down. When fencing companies are busy and materials are in short supply the prices tend to go up! The spring and summer months get very busy and lead times are normally months in advance. So save some money and avoid the queues by ordering in January when they are less busy. You will find it easier to negotiate a lower price when the fencing company is less busy!