Gravel Boards & Wall Plates

  • Easy to install Redwood gravel boards for Cequence fencing. See our guide on installation if you are struggling, or talk to our friendly customer support.
  • Achieve easy attachment to walls or the side of a building with this Redwood flat top wall plate. We have diagrams on installation available that will prevent any confusion.
  • Wall plates are perfect for attaching your Cequence fencing to a wall. The profiled top allows easy fitting of our capping rails. Cequence fence panels are attached to the front face of the wall plate and the capping will fit neatly on top. Often its not possibe to put in a post near a wall so its better to use a wall plate.
  • Want a fence that's easy to install on top of a wall? Try our Cequence fencing, which can be used with these beautiful, sturdy red cedar wall plates. Install these wall plates with ease, using anchor bolts or screws and plugs. The fences themselves also have a simple assembly, using our 3 part Cequence fencing system.


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